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The world's largest IAP consumer panel

Based on 5M consumers across the world

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Optimize your app monetization

Understand the IAP market at the finest possible level.
"Clash of Clans" : revenue share per IAP in 2022

Unlock Revenue Drivers

What In-App-Purchases are the most successfull?

Understanding competitors' pricing and product strategies is vital for your product to keep growing.
Adapt your in-app purchase (IAP) strategy by:
  • analyzing the content behind best-performing IAPs
  • unveiling best performing AB testing methods
  • assessing the price evolution of top products with time
  • evaluating the success of periodic offers and events
Stay ahead of your competitor, leverage insights, refine your approach and optimize your offer.

Decode Purchase Behaviors

What are the main purchase patterns?

We offer insights on your consumer buying patterns, and spending habits. You will be able to define the best retention choices and refine your monetization strategy by further tailoring your user experiences.
IAP name Average Price Purchase #1 Purchase #2
Which IAP are bought first on "Clash of Clans" in 2022?

Global Coverage

With a diverse panel of IAP consumers spanning over 7 countries across 3 continents, and an expanding reach into even more regions, we are dedicated to ensuring that our solution resonates on a global scale.
App Store - Apple Play Store - Google

Enhance customer acquisition and retention

Customer level data for all your needs, and even more...
Month-to-Month spending evolution

Identify Winning Retention Strategies

Evaluate an app's ability to retain users

Thanks to our live organic panel, we are able to follow paying customers during all their lifespan on your app.
  • Understand what make customers remain loyal on the long run
  • Identify these loyal segments
  • Unlock invaluable insights to tailor your experience
Join us in unlocking your business's full potential.

Analyze Cross-App Purchases

A key to your product continuous enhancement

Increase your customer loyalty. Reduce churn by understanding the top performing IAP of the apps to which you are loosing users. Understand how your users are behaving on competing apps and adapt your pricing and product strategy accordingly.
App Name Share of Wallet Share of Users
"Clash of Clans" users spend on other games in 2022

Identify and understand your "Whales"

Let us tell you who your whales really are.
Company Name
Rate of users
Rate of whales
What newsletters do "Clash of Clans" customers receive?

Correlate consumer profiles with sales

Leverage audiences that have the potential to drive growth and capitalize on them

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